Village of Wellington Back Lift Station Project

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The Village of Wellington has informed us that they will start the Lift Station upgrade project which is just east of our back entrance any day now.  Trucks will be in that area and work will include removal of the surrounding fence, hedge, and then a new permanent communications pole will be installed as well as a permanent generator and upgrade of the underground tanks.  They will then install new fencing and plant a new hedge at the conclusion of the project which could take up to two months.  We do not anticipate an interruption of our resident entry gate and may only experience the closure of the pedestrian sidewalk area on the east side near the lift station project. This is a Village of Wellington project and not an expense to Grand Isles residents other than our tax money at work.  The lift station provides waste removal for Grand Isles, Polo Park Middle School, and the small strip mall next to the school.

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