Hurricane Preparedness and Information

Neighborhood Information

During the week leading up to a possible hurricane, please refrain (or ask your landscaper to refrain) from putting yard trash in the streets unless you receive a call from the Mayor that there will be additional yard waste pickups. Yard waste in the streets creates flying debris and can block the storm drains creating possible flooding.

For more information from the Village of Wellington, click here

Wellington Water Pressure

BE ADVISED: In order to conserve treatment chemicals and fuel, Wellington’s Water Treatment Plant will be reducing the water distribution system pressure. Customers may begin to see reduced pressures, September 8, 2017.

Canal Levels In Preparation for IRMA

Paul Schofield, Wellington Village Manager, YouTube video about canal levels.

Hurricane Evacuation Zones

To learn about evacuation zones and procedures, please visit this

Palm Beach Post article, and this Palm Beach County Government Know Your Zone page.

Florida Power & Light (FPL)

If you experience a power outage, please call FPL at 800-4-OUTAGE or (800} 468-8243, or see the information page

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