Grand Isles HOA Update October 2, 2019

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Hello again, Grand Isles homeowners and home renters.

This is Doug Stark, your HOA Board President providing information I hope you find informative from our board meeting on October 1st.

The big topic of the evening was our discussion about our Clubhouse Remodel Project. Over the course of the recent several weeks Marty, Alan and I conducted numerous interviews with contractors who submitted bids for carpentry, flooring & bathroom remodeling, electrical, painting and window coverings. Before I became board president, the plan was to hire one general contractor for the whole project and even hire an architect company to assist on the project. Bids received at that time were: $170,000 from Creative Contract Group and a tile allowance of $3 per sq. ft., another bid was from Ross Brothers for $168,324 which quoted tile at $4.00 per sq. ft., another bid was from PMI Remodeling for $127,560, with a tile allowance of $3.50 to $4.00 per sq.ft. and didn’t include bathroom stall dividers. Floor Specialists of Wellington bid $104,947, which didn’t include the carpentry, painting, electric and other items.

When I became president, we felt we could save considerable money by being our own contractor and bidding out each element separately. We feel we found 4 excellent contractors to provide us carpentry, flooring and bathroom remodeling, electric, and painting.

The winning bids are:

Carpentry will be done by Wellington Maintenance at a bid of $3,755. They will do all the demo work, tear out the baseboards, the lockers in the bathrooms, install the drywall, prep the area for the painting contractor, haul off everything and build us a wall with a door in the men’s bathroom for storage that we really need. They will start the job on January 6th, 2020.

On the 3rd day of the project, the flooring company who won the bid, EXCEL TILE of Lake Worth, will start the job by removing the tile floors in the main room and do the remodeling of all 4 bathrooms. This includes new bathroom fixtures, counters, toilets, stalls dividers and everything involved. They will provide tile for the main room at $4.50 per sq.ft. (higher quality than any of the previous bids). They are the primary contractor and will pull the permit for the project. Their bid was right at $90,000 and they haul off their waste as well. The owner of EXCELL, Fainor Lima, made the presentation to us at the meeting. They come highly recommended and their work has been observed. Fainor projects that their job will take 3 to 4 weeks.

The next winning bid goes to Wellington Electric for $2,685. Owner Victor Vajna made his presentation to us last night at the meeting. He is an expert on lighting, and we will go to all LED lighting with all new fixtures in the main room, kitchen, gym, and bathrooms. Motion sensors will be installed in all the bathrooms. This part of the project will only take a day or 2.


Next bid goes to RCI Painting and Wilmer Andrade was in attendance to discuss his project. The bid includes prepping and staining all doors baseboards, prep and paint with 2 coats all walls in bathrooms, main room, gym, office and removal of the wallpaper in the bathrooms. All ceilings will get 1 coat. Painting will be done with Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec paint. The bid is $9,060.

Another bid is for vertical shades for $4,502 from Wholesale verticals. We may look at other bids for this item. All totaled, these bids are $110,000, much less than the original bids.

After each presentation, the board and residents in attendance asked questions of each contractor to their satisfaction. The board then voted unanimously to accept the bid and proceed with the project.

We have the funds allocated for this project in our reserve budget.

We will keep you informed as we go along, but the current plan is to stop accepting reservations for the clubhouse for the months of January and February. There will be days that we will post a sign on the front door or our message boards informing you when the office and gym will be closed due to construction.

We are eliminating lockers in both main restrooms. If you have a locker with a lock in use, we ask you to remove the lock and your possessions before December 15th, 2019. After that date we will cut the locks and remove anything we find in a locker. No more than our showers get used, we will install some hooks to hang your clothes.

We have a committee of ladies that will now start the process of picking out the tile design and color, wall paint color, window blinds, bathroom tile, bathroom fixtures, etc. We will also select furniture. This is a huge job and I will assist them every step of the way. I will (if they wish) arrange appointments, drive them to locations and whatever I can do to make this as pleasant as possible. I know they are putting themselves up for ridicule on the final results. If we have difficulty with selecting the key colors we may hire an inexpensive interior decorator to help, but I doubt we will need to.

I believe this is the most exciting thing the community has done in many, many years. This investment can only enhance our homes value into the future.

Another item discussed last night and approved was to enhance our guard gate experience. We will purchase a program from ABDI (our system supplier) that will enable our residents to call in on a separate phone line to the gate and make additions to your guest list without waiting to speak with the on‐duty guard. From your own computer, you can make additions, or deletions, to your current guest list. ( ABDI has an extremely secure system that has never been breached; your information will be kept confidentially and will not be shared with anyone.) Another feature is that Marty or I will have the ability to text or email residents to inform you of any developments in the community. Examples could be: “The back guard gate is down and won’t be repaired until the next morning so use the main gate”, or “an alligator has been spotted in the lake by the front entrance and the wildlife authorities have been contacted. Keep kids and pets away from the area until further notice”, or “due to impending hurricane the clubhouse will be closed at 4 pm today until further notice.” I think you can see the benefits of this security program enhancement. You will receive information on how to use these new tools in the near future, as our goal is to implement this about the first of the year.

We have been having issues with parents delivering their kids to the middle school driving over our reflectors and leaving ruts in our grass along the str eet at our back gate. There is also concern for damage to our sprinkler system, requiring expensive repairs. I believe we have come up with a very inexpensive and effective way to resolve this issue. I hope to have this in place in the next month. We are going to install 5 ft. tall metal posts that will be driven at least 1 foot into the ground and secure our current yellow reflectors to the posts. We intend to install about 75 of these starting at the entrance into the school on both sides of the street. These will be too


sturdy to be run over, unlike our current system. Even the school crossing guards back there think something needs to be done.

An update from the last new letter is that our new pool company, TMZ, will start servicing our pools on November 1st. Our new Maintenance company, All Handy, will start November 11th. If you see these new people, please welcome them to our community!

After our hurricane scare last month, Marty and I discussed what we should do about residents and removing hurricane shutters. Normally, we would give the community a week to get everything back to normal. We decided this time that there was still some prime time left in the hurricane season so we would be a little more lenient.

We have had one resident ask for written permission to leave their shutters up until Nov. 4th as they were out of the country until then and had no one to take them down. We appreciated them asking and requesting an extension. We granted their request. Just yesterday the Palm Beach Post (enclosed copy of map) had a front‐ page article explaining that in the past 70 years only 7 hurricanes have come within 100 miles of Boca Raton. My math says that it happens once in 10 years. I’m not saying it can’t happen. But, since the calendar has turned to October, I request that everyone removes their shutters as soon as possible. I worry that a house fire could happen, and rescue attempts are thwarted due to shutters still covering all the openings. Especially in two story homes. Please remove your shutters if they are still up.


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