Grand Isles HOA Update January 29, 2020

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Hello, residents and homeowners of Grand Isles! The HOA Board was unable to use the clubhouse in January due to the remodel in progress, so I don’t have any board meeting information to convey. However, I thought we should provide you timely information regarding our community.

First, we’ll provide an update of the clubhouse remodel project. We closed the facility to the residents on January 6th and projected that we would be able to reopen the clubhouse on March 2nd. However, we appear to be running ahead of schedule and may be able to open for full operation February 24th.

The first week was demolition week. The old floor tiling and pillars were demolished, and the walls had drywall removed, where necessary. What a mess. Dust and dirt landed everywhere.

The next week, the bathrooms in the clubhouse were gutted. The items normally stored in small closets were moved into the gym for safekeeping, and to be out of the way.

The third week, new tile was laid in the main building areas, and then covered, because the next step was to sand down the walls and prep them, along with the woodwork, for painting/staining.

This week (4), the new shower pans were laid, and some prep was done in the bathrooms for the first Village inspection of the bathroom remodel (expected to take place later this week). Painting has begun and, as of this writing, the ceilings have been painted and they started on the walls. The painters project that the painting of the main room, Marty’s office and the gym will be completed at the end of this week. Then, we intend to move all the stored items out of the gym into the main room, and early next week we will allow for a couple of days to do a deep cleaning of all the gym area and equipment.

We are hopeful we can reopen the gym on Wednesday, February 5th at 8 am. We will post that information at the front entrance the day before, as well as post it on our new web site. We also will send out a text message to everyone who has signed up for our new Gate Access site. Those of you using the gym must agree that you will go directly to the gym and back out the front door when finished. The bathrooms inside the club house will not be operable, nor will the water fountain. If you can live by these parameters, you can use the gym. Workers and work equipment will always have the right-of-way. Please respect their workspace. I appreciate the patience of those who will use the gym during this time. I feel good that we have limited the inconvenience to just a month. We have left the old blinds up in the gym and will switch them out when the new blinds are installed in the whole facility.

Starting February 3rd, the inside bathrooms and new stalls and fixtures will be installed and should pass inspection. Cleaning up the main room, Marty’s office, and gym will take place and will have to continue until the project is completed. Once the inside bathrooms are completed, they will start on the outside bathrooms. The week of February 17th is when all our new furniture will be delivered, along with other furnishings.

Our first meeting in the newly remodeled facility will be Wednesday, February 19th, at our Architectural Control Committee meeting at 7 pm.

On Thursday, February 20th we tentatively plan to conduct our first HOA Board Meeting of the year, at 7 pm. We would appreciate your attendance. As I stated, we intend to open the facility for normal activity on Monday, February 24th. We will start taking resident reservations effective March 1st, 2020.


We want to thank Doreen Levy, Beverly Apfel, and Agatha Jenney for all their time, careful thought and planning while serving on the committee picking out paint/stain colors, furniture, rugs, bathroom fixtures and divider colors, window coverings etc. We think you will agree they did a great job on a conservative budget. My wife, Judy, and I enjoyed working with them during this process.

We also wish to recognize Marty Wainer for managing the project on a day-to-day basis and dealing with the daily, and sometimes hourly, adjustments he has had to make and the countless phone calls coordinating everything. He has done a great job overseeing this project. Thank you, Marty!!

This project will come in extremely close to the Board’s initial forecast goal of $150,000, including everything, even the pool furniture delivered in early December.

We all should be extremely proud of the finished product and how it reflects favorably on our community. CARMEL POOL:

In the last newsletter, I described the leaking pool issues that were discovered, and then confirmed, when we changed pool service companies this fall.

We asked for bids and received five for consideration. We sent the same specifications to each company. We decided TMZ Pools, Inc. is the best company to do our job at the most favorable price.

This job includes draining the pool, demolishing the tile, waterproofing the tile line, repairing the gutter beam, installing tile, prepping the pool for plaster, plastering the pool surface and filling the pool with water, balancing the pool chemicals and reopening the pool. It also allows for a few bad weather days. We want the job to be completed before Spring Break which starts March 21st. Tony Blakeney’s company (TMZ) has successfully done many HOA pool resurfacing projects over the past 20 years. He also lives in Carmel and wants to do a great job as inexpensively as possible. I’m confident we have the best available pool company caring for our community pools. We have received many compliments regarding the pools condition since we changed companies.

Another improvement for our Carmel pool will be the removal of five Live Oak trees which have thousands of small leaves that blow into the pool daily. They are positioned in such a manner that it doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, the pool gets their debris. In addition to the presence of the leaves in the pool, they negatively affect the chemical balance of the pool’s water and, ultimately, impact the pool’s surface over time. This is an ongoing problem I’m told. We will get Village approval to do this project and replace these trees with a much cleaner palm tree option. This is an unfortunate situation, but Live Oak trees should have never been planted near a pool.

Most people go to a pool to swim and to work on their tan. For those who are concerned about shade and the loss of the trees, I suggest you take advantage of the covered area when you need cover.


After Spring Break, the Clubhouse pool will go through the same process as the Carmel pool. Due to the size difference in pools, and possible weather issues, this project is projected to start on March 30th and last seven weeks and to be completed by May 18th.

As we have reported in an earlier communication, these pool expenses were not expected to occur this year but sometime over the next year or two. However, due to the leaks discovered, we moved the projects to be corrected now. Thankfully, these are reserve item expenses and we have the money in our account. Financially, these expenses were going to happen anyway, so it’s not a big issue.

The Board approved the pool expenditures at the last meeting in December.

We are enclosing two pages that you should have received last month on how to sign up for our new “GATE ACCESS SYSTEM”; on these, Marty explained how to sign up to activate the system. The pages sent you in the last newsletter have your Username and your Password to access the system.

I can tell you that I am on the system and it is great receiving text and or email notification when one of our guests clear the guard gate. I encourage you to sign up!

Also, Marty sent out a test text to residents’ cell phones yesterday. I hope you all received it. If not, make sure you sign up on Gate Access and that you put your land line phone number in the” primary line” space (if you have one) and your cell phone in the “cell phone line” space. The next line is for your significant other’s cell phone number. Obviously, we can’t text a land line. Do not put your cell phone number in the “primary line” space; if you do, you won’t receive texts.

Also, yesterday Marty texted Carmel residents informing them that today Brightview would be spraying their driveways for weeds and to make sure your vehicles weren’t in the driveway. Again, you need to be signed up on Gate Access and have your cell phone number listed.

Next is the big news that our new GRAND ISLES WEB SITE has gone live this week. Please, Please, Please, sign up to utilize this new site. We are in the process of populating the Calendar, listing items that may be of interest to you and intend to keep this current moving forward. Also, we will be adding pictures to the site that include our new pool furniture, our new clubhouse (upon completion) and other items as they arise. Our newsletters will be on the site and, of course, all the By-Laws and Amendments we are governed by, along with Budgets and Audits. These are on a secure link that only registered residents can access.

We have a new web site that puts us in the 2020’s rather than in the 1990’s. Embrace it and sign up. To sign up, go to, then:

  1. Click “Resident Portal” on the top right of the page
  2. Click the “Register” button
  3. Fill out ALL registration fields
  4. Click the “Register” button
  5. Click the Gear icon to complete Profile
  6. Chose from Edit Profile, My Account, Log Out, or Cancel
  7. To add a cover photo, click on +
  8. To add a profile picture, click on the silhouette in circle
  9. Click on your name on the top right of the page to access Resident Portal only features: Account, Association Documents, Pay Online, Resident Search, and Logout
  10. Logout to exit

Again, we express our appreciation to resident Dewitt Huang and his company “Affix Advertising” for

working so hard to get this up and running.

The Board would like to recognize Doreen Levy and her husband Jeffery for their help and direction on this project as well.

We had our lawyer review our new web site and he gave his approval that we are compliant with all applicable laws regarding our web site.

Also, we have a Facebook page attached at the bottom of the home page that residents can respectfully discuss any Grand Isles issue that may arise. The HOA Board will monitor this site. We want residents to interact about life and living in Grand Isles without discussing our business on Next Door, for example. Our Facebook group is only for our community. No foul language or inappropriate conversation will be tolerated.

Personal, or individual issues should be communicated directly with Marty. Or use the “Contact Us” page that the Board receives.


In January, the flooring that needed repair at the Kiddie Play area was repaired. This was under warranty.

We’d like to congratulate resident Bill Pinto, a PB County Deputy Sheriff, for being awarded the Responder of the Month award. I have enclosed a photo of Bill and his wife Barbara receiving the award that was in the local paper.

I am enclosing information about a controversial bill that is bouncing around the Statehouse in Tallahassee about AIRBNB’s. You need to be informed about this as, if passed, it could impact our community. Also, when we have our Town Hall meetings in April or May, a major item we need to discuss is what we as a community want to do regarding rentals. Our attorney is to provide me with several options to discuss regarding this topic.

This is a second reminder to some residents that their yard extends to the lake, and it is their responsibility to clean the bank area of any debris including coconuts. Failure to do so will result in a warning letter and could lead to a fine. Either clean your space up or ask your landscaper to do it.

We still are asking for anyone who could spare some time to volunteer to serve on our Architectural Control Committee. We could use two or three more residents. It’s just a couple of hours a month.

Lastly, we have agreed to help a young man who is a Boy Scout who has a project which will enable him to become an Eagle Scout. His project will benefit this community. On Saturday, February 15th from 9 am to 12 pm you are encouraged to bring to the Clubhouse parking lot your paint cans, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and any electronics (no larger than a VCR) that need disposal. The Boy Scouts and chaperones will assist you upon parking in the clubhouse parking lot. This is an opportunity to create a little space in our garages and dispose of some hazardous materials. (The Boy Scouts are duly insured for this activity.) Please see the enclosed flyer for additional information on this worthwhile project.

On Tuesday, February 4, Marty and I will attend a free HOA seminar at the Palm Beach Convention Center. I will attend classes on Violations and Fining, Reserving for the Future, Collections, and Insurance Claims. The Office will be closed all day.

As always, thanks for your time.

Doug Stark


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