Grand Isles HOA Update February 26, 2020

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Hi again, Grand Isles homeowners and all residents. We want to review with you the items and issues that were discussed at our most recent board meeting of February 20, 2020.

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President Doug Stark and a quorum of the board was in attendance.

Our first order of business was that our Vice President, Joe Smith has submitted his resignation from serving on the board. We voted to accept his resignation. Doug thanked Joe for his 3 plus years of service to the community and asked Joe to take a picture with Doug presenting him with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for his years of service. The photo is now posted on the website. Joe served the community well and will be missed.

The board will continue with four members for the foreseeable future.

Treasurer Alan Apfel gave his report, which was the January 31st financial report. After only one month into the 2020 budget, everything looks to be in order.

The board approved four new members to the Architectural Control Committee. They are John Massa of Emerald Bay, Andy Millar of Carmel, Michelle Gibson of Carmel and Judy Stark of Emerald Point. Doug Stark is stepping back from the ACC since we have more volunteers.

Doug Stark moved for approval for the ACC to split into two groups, to better serve the community in a timely manner. He proposed that one group meets the first Wednesday of each month and the second group meet at the traditional third Wednesday of each month. The board voted to approve the motion. Each meeting will start at 7 pm and the cutoff date for submitting items for approval is the previous Friday at noon. No exceptions will be granted since residents will only have to wait an additional two weeks for the next ACC meeting.

The next item of business was approval for our second Annual Garage Sale. It is set for April 19th and is from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. We have enclosed a sign-up form with all the necessary information. We want to thank Art Jacobs for managing this event!

Saturday, the 15th of February, the Boy Scouts had a hazardous materials collection event from 9 am to noon at the clubhouse parking lot. Doug was in attendance and felt it was a huge success. The Boy Scouts conducted our event and another at the Equestrian Club at the same time. We are told that 2/3rds of what was collected came from our community; we found the totals collected amazing and think you will, too. They collected 688 gallons of paint, 100 aerosol cans, 350 lbs. of electronics, 18 fluorescent bulbs, 20 gallons of flammable liquids, and 10 gallons of poisonous liquids. We would think this community will want to do this again every year or two.

Board Secretary Doreen Levy read a list of 62 addresses with violations that were not corrected from the letters sent out over two months ago. The Board approved for letters to be sent out to residents still in violation and we’re sure they have already been delivered via U.S. mail.

Property Manager Marty Wainer then reported that the Carmel pool refurbishment was on schedule and is expected to be completed prior to Spring Break. Three new LED lights will be included in this project as they needed replacement, too.

The pool project will take Spring Break week off and restart the Monday after the break at the clubhouse pool; it is expected to last up to seven weeks.

Doug reviewed the clubhouse remodel project. One table is on backorder (due to arrive March 20th) and all other furniture has been installed. The rugs and rug pads are down. The wall pictures and floral arrangements are placed in the room. The new tile is installed, and the painting is completed. The windows have been washed inside and out. The new LED lighting is installed. New stall dividers, counters and all the shower and bathroom fixtures have been replaced. The installation of the window coverings is taking place on the 27th and the new floor mats at the entrance and exit doors are on order. The inside bathrooms are nearly complete, at which time we will close the poolside bathrooms and start their remodel, which should take a couple of weeks. We can then get our official approval from the Village of Wellington.

The Board recognized volunteer committee members Beverly Apfel, Doreen Levy, Agatha Jenney and Judy Stark for all the hours, trips, and meetings to select all the items in the new clubhouse. They did a terrific job on a tight budget. We know we could have easily spent a hundred thousand more on this project but didn’t. We came in right at budget, maybe a couple of thousand over, but not more. I think you will be pleased with the finished product. It couldn’t have been done without our volunteers.

Doreen opened a discussion about some glitches in our new Gate Access program. A healthy discussion ensued. We decided that, initially, Marty and I will spend time with guards at the gatehouse reviewing our process and determining if there are opportunities for us to improve their process and reduce errors. It is a work-in-progress. Everyone agreed it is a wonderful tool and only want it fine-tuned.

Doug informed the Board that we have 15 residents who owe the HOA over $40,000. This amount is due us from residents who have failed to pay their monthly dues and/or violation fines. As the days, months and years pass, they incur interest and, of course, legal fees from our lawyer and the courts. Some of these go back to 2019, 2018, 2017, and one as far back as 2010. Doug stated that this Board will always take a hard line when it comes to collections for the HOA and will not be offering payment plans. We have placed liens on properties and forced foreclosures; we will continue to do this, as necessary. If a person cannot afford our inexpensive monthly dues, how can they afford to maintain their property? Think of what $40,000 could do for this community. Or think of it as it is $5.50 per homeowner, each month for a year that we must spend to cover their unpaid dues. We have had good success collecting monies due the HOA over the recent months because we will not negotiate.

In response to many residents’ concerns/complaints that we are not doing enough about ongoing traffic violations occurring in our community, the Board has provided direction to the Deputies who patrol our community at our expense. I have included this communication in this mailing.

We also have requested that the PBSO provide us one of their mobile radar wagons that sits along roads telling drivers their speed. It doesn’t matter where you live in our community, it doesn’t take more than one to three minutes at the speed limit of 25 mph to exit Grand Isles. With our narrow streets, twice weekly trash/recycling pickup, vegetation at our curbs etc., why speed and potentially ruin your and someone else’s lives? Can’t you wait to get to Lake Worth Road or 441 before going 40 or 50 miles an hour?

Next topic is that, after the March meeting for formally fining residents who didn’t correct violations from last November, we will start the next round of reviewing the community for violations. Residents tell us that they hear neighbors say that they don’t do maintenance on their property until they get a violation letter. This is a disappointing commentary. The Board also gets many, many complaints that the community doesn’t look as it should and why aren’t we doing more about it. We will, soon.

The next round of violation letters will include the following.

Dirty roofs, driveways, aprons, swales, and sidewalks Homes needing to be repainted, or at least touched- up Homes needing new or repaired roofs Garage doors needing to be replaced or repaired Homes needing additional landscaping in front of home (some have none) Flower beds in front of homes needing attention, weeding, mulching, etc. Trash cans and/or recycling bins visible from street Homes without street numbers on home and/or mailbox Residents parking and blocking sidewalks and/or parking in grass

If anyone is unclear about the HOA’s ability to enforce these violations, we recommend you review our By-Laws and Amendments.

Doug stated that residents had approached him about removing the first speed bump at the resident side of the entrance gate. He gave the reasoning that had been conveyed to him by those making the request. Many residents in attendance and board members weighed in on this and, after much discussion, the Board declined to approve this request at this time.

Doug did a six-month business review showing what the Board has accomplished in the past six months. It has been a lot!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Other items:

We encourage you to go to our brand-new website at GRANDISLESHOA.ORG and look it over. It is a terrific website and one we should be proud of. New photos of this community are being posted often, as improvements are made.

In order to view the Resident Portal, you must sign in. This is where you will find our By-Laws, Budget, Audits, Meeting Minutes, forms for ACC and much, much more. It’s all there.

If you don’t wish to be recognized, you can click on a tab that will keep you confidential. We now have about 80 residents signed up, so we have a long way to go. The website includes a link to our Grand Isles Facebook page for residents if they wish to interact with others in our community about Grand Isles issues. Look for the Facebook icon at the bottom of the home page. I encourage you to spend some time exploring this wonderful new site!

If you haven’t signed up for Gate Access (which notifies you of guests arriving at the gate), we ask you to do so. Also, we hope you like that we can send you an occasional text message for those who provide us your cell phone number. I think we have over 600 cell phone numbers that we can text, but we need twice that number to get full coverage. We will not overuse this feature.

I hope you found this informative.

Thanks, Doug Stark

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