Grand Isles HOA Update December 26, 2019

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Grand Isles homeowners and home renters,

This is your HOA Board President Doug Stark again writing you an update of our most recent board meeting and other issues pertaining to our community.

On Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 at 6:30 pm I called the meeting to order at the clubhouse. Then Alan Apfel, our Treasurer gave an overview of our November year to date financial status.

I introduced Grand Isles resident Dewitt Huang who gave us an update and a quick look at our new website which is scheduled to go live early in 2020. Our current website will be active until that switch occurs. Our new site will be much more visually attractive, contain all the necessary information that our current site has, plus be the spot to visit to find out what is going on in our community. It will contain up-to-date information and will be updated continually to keep you informed. Not all of our information is for the general public’s consumption, so you will have to be signed up; we will make that as simple as possible. PLEASE sign up and try out the site when we let you know it is ready. The new web site will be a great upgrade to our current one.

We introduced Grand Isles resident Tony Blakeney, owner of TMZ pools. As you may remember, TMZ recently became our pool service provider. Tony has informed Marty and the Board of pool leak issues in both pools and recommended us to hire Red Rhino, a company who are experts in detecting and fixing pool leaks. Red Rhino detected at least 16 leaks at the Carmel pool and many at the Clubhouse pool. Red Rhino offered a proposal to fix the leaks only (not refinish the pools) for $45,897.00. Before we knew the extent of the pool leaks, we already knew we would have to refinish the pools over the next two years, and have planned accordingly in the reserve budget. We currently are going thru the bidding process to find the best price with the best results. TMZ is certainly qualified, as they have been servicing the Isles of Wellington since 2009, Polo Club since 2003, Bellaggio since 2014, Versailles since 2015, and Wycliff since 2016. If they can maintain and satisfy these communities, they can surely do the same in their own community. TMZ has presented a bid of $66,187 to fix the leaks and refinish the pools surfaces, including the kiddie pool. We will see if anyone can beat their proposal. We hope to start the repair projects in late January. Each pool would likely be out-of-commission for 6 weeks. We plan to do the clubhouse pool first and have it completed by the first of March and then the Carmel pool to hopefully be completed by mid-April. It is a shame it has to work this way, but it is unavoidable. Also, we are unaware of the previous pool company making anyone aware of this issue. They addressed the issue by running our system 24 hours a day rather than the normal 3 or 4 hours; this should save us some money on our electric bill. Lastly on this topic, this expense is a reserve budget item so it won’t affect our 2020 general budget.

Resident Mariza Costa spoke to us about her concern with the security measures utilized in the community and her desire for us to add another layer of security. Mariza did an excellent job of outlining her concerns and then focused primarily on better securing our walk in/walk out foot traffic. She discussed her wishes that we add a fob system and gate off our sidewalks at the entrances and exits. This turned into a lengthy discussion about community security with many residents speaking too. We had invited PBSO Deputy Poritz to speak to us about any recommendations he has for Grand Isles. He stated that Grand Isles, Black Diamond, The Isles, Olympia, Palm Beach Point , and Palm Beach Polo and CC are currently the HOA’s who utilize PBSO Deputies for added security. He said another HOA was about to add them as well. He talked about the current low crime rate and about some of the issues Grand Isles had in the past. He recommended that ALL residents lock their vehicles unless garaged, and don’t leave valuables in sight for others to see. He said that sometimes criminals can tell if a vehicle is locked by how rear view mirrors look thus not setting off vehicle security systems when they try to open a vehicle. He recommended we change up our deputy’s schedules which we will immediately do.

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