Grand Isles HOA Update August 19, 2019

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August 19, 2019

Hello Grand Isles home owners and renters.

My name is Doug Stark and I am the new president of our HOA. At our August 6th meeting, the Board made a couple of personnel changes resulting in the following Board: President Doug Stark Emerald PointVice President Joe Smith Harbor CoveTreasurer Alan Apfel CarmelSecretary Andrew Plevin Harbor CoveDirectorKevin McSweeney Harbor CoveThe Board thanks Kevin for all the hours and hard work he volunteered for the betterment of this community as President for nearly three years. Also, we would like to thank Carrie Dodge for all her efforts to improve our community over the past nearly three years. Briefly, about me: My wife, Judy, and I moved into Grand Isles about 1.5 years ago from the Midwest. I previously lived in Plantation and Parkland from 1987 to 2000. I have two grown daughters who live in Delray Beach. I knew when I retired,I would move back to South Florida, which I love. I spent over 30 years of my career either running companies or divisions of companies. I have had direct responsibility for sales, marketing, finance, human resources, labor relations, warehousing, manufacturing, fleet, and so on. I know I am capable of providing leadership and direction for our Board. If you would like to get to know me and the Board better,I encourage you to attend meetings. You are always welcome,and we would like to hear your opinions regarding our community. You will be treated with courtesy and respect and we expect the same in return. At our meeting last week (my first as president), Aug. 15th, we discussed the long-proposed Clubhouse Remodel Project. With input from the attending residents, the Board agreed to the following:

  1. We agreed that the most cost-effective way to proceed is for us to collect at least four independentbids for carpentry, painting, flooring, window coverings, lighting, and furniture. All bidding parties must have all appropriate licenses and insurance. We agreed that, if any homeowners in Grand Isles were in the business and meet the requirements listed above, they would be welcome to bid on any portion of the elementlists, as long as you contact Marty Wainer at the office by August 30th. Also, if anyone wishes to recommend a contractor to us, just let Marty know by the same date.
  2. Marty will contact companies starting August 30th for appointments and Doug Stark and Alan Apfel, asHOA president and treasurer, will assist Marty in interviewing bidders for each element.
  3. Our timeline is to have a Board meeting near the end of September, after we have decided on a winningbidder for each element. We will then roll the cost up and determine at the meeting if we can pay for the entire project in our 2020 budget, or if we need to defer part of the project to a later date. Some funds are being accrued this year.
  4. Once we have made these decisions, we will ask our Decorating Committee to work up a plan tocoordinate colors, et cetera, and make a recommendation to the Board for our mid-October meeting. October is when we do our budget, so we need to meet the above timelines.
  5. I want to say that our Clubhouse has been used 23 times so far this year for parties/events. Of course,it is used almost daily for smaller activities. I think we all agree that the Clubhouse is 22 years oldand in need of an update. It is a major asset to our community and home values. The Board’s intention is to make this remodel tasteful and something we can be pleased with, but not “over the top.” We will always be mindful of maintaining good value for our HOA dues.

There is much more I would like to communicate, but I need to stay on my topics today which were:

  1. Board change announcement
  2. My introduction as president of our HOA
  3. The Clubhouse Remodel Project

My plan is to send out regular mailings, along with Property Manager Marty Wainer’s community updates, so we can keep you informed of what is going on at Grand Isles.

Thank you for your time.


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