COVID 19 Emergency Order 5, Continuing State of Emergency, Village Of Wellington Re-Openings

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This Memorandum brings COVID-19 community association updates:
Of interest to community associations in Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach County Commission issued a new set of Emergency Orders. One extends the County declared State of Emergency to May 1, 2020. Declaration of Continuing State of Emergency PBC 
A second Emergency Order provides requirements for opening recreational facilities including community swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and marinas. Emergency Order Number 5 . The Order mandates strict sanitary compliance with enforcement by the Palm Beach County Sheriff. Notable requirements for pool re-opening which will add considerable expense include “One or more facility staff or management must be present at each facility location to monitor and ensure compliance with the restrictions within this order.”
We will unlock the Tennis Courts and allow the Basketball Courts to be used per the County Guidelines.
We encourage residents who see violations of the County guidelines to contact the non-emergency PBSO hotline and report any individuals not practicing the social distancing rules we are to abide by.  Do not call the Clubhouse or the Board as we cannot be responsible for violators of the guidelines. We do not enforce the law. We are residents like everyone else.
As for our pools, the clubhouse pool is not currently ready to be opened from its remodeling project.  The Carmel pool will remain closed since we do not have full-time personnel to enforce the requirements outlined by the county.
It appears that opening pools pertains to municipal pools only as we are not staffed to comply with the requirements.
Below is the Village of Wellington Re-Opening links.
Thank you for your understanding. Please stay healthy and safe.
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  1. With the County deciding to keep all playground areas in public parks closed, is it a good idea to allow our playground to open? What type of cleaning and disinfecting will take place?

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